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Wet Grinders

We have a comprehensive range of Wet Grinders to help the family in kitchen in wide range of grinding and food preparations.

We fix grinder stone which is made of hard black, specially imported hard stone. This stone ensures no chipping or powdering in all grinding activities. It also enhances the life of the grinder. All the other plastic material used in the grinder ensures the hygienic upkeep of the machine.

KEELINE is known for its quality assurance and research in product engineering in home appliances segment. We are manufacturing flexible, high quality and ultramodern Table Top Wet Grinders.

Our grinders possess the following salient features:

  • Specially imported and designed Granite Roller Stones for faster and finer grinding
  • Fully fabricated using ABS(Anti-lock Braking System) plastic material
  • Easily detachable stainless steel grinding drum to clean properly after grinding
  • Durability of high power motor for toughest grinding works and applications
  • Low power consumption to make it cost effective
  • Works even at low voltages

Our grinders are equipped with roller stone with an inbuilt rotation optimization mechanism to avoid overheating and nutrients of the grinding item.

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