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We manufacture electronic voltage stabilizers using the state-of-the-art technology under stringent BIS standards. We make use of advanced components in manufacturing of stabilizers. Each of the stabilizers is designed to protect your all household electronic equipment, gadgets and apparatuses from electronic voltage fluctuations.

We emphasize on continuous effort on research and development in improving the models, designs, product quality, and capacities of stabilizers. We ensure to provide these stabilizers in the most cost-effective manner. KEELINE has become household name as a perfect match for televisions, air-conditioners, refrigerators and other electronic equipments.

General Features

Following are the some of the salient features our wide range of stabilizers offer to clients:

  • Transformer
    Electric transformer inside the stabilizer is copper wound with vacuum impregnation to protect the equipment from moisture. Thus, it provides high insulation resistance and extends the life of the stabilizer.

  • Auto Restart
    One of the unique features of our stabilizers is auto restart of the equipment. The unit automatically switches on after returning to the working voltage range.

  • Built-in TD
    It provides balancing time for compressor with an inbuilt TD for effective power transmission and distribution.

  • Fail-safe Electronic Circuits
    Stabilizers are designer using fail-safe electronic circuits. These circuits enable to cut off the unit on failure of any of the component.

  • High Voltage cut-off
    The equipment automatically cuts off the high voltage from reaching the load equipment.

  • Overload
    Stabilizers are equipped with built-in thermal overload protection to protect your gadgets from electronic voltage overload.

After Sales Service
We give utmost importance in providing effective after-sales service to the valued customers. We render prompt and efficient after sales support through our strategically developed dealer network.



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